7" & 9" Curve

What makes our knives different ?

Solid Titanium Blades using Patented and Proprietary Processes,
Fisherman inspired design and American made

Our Patented blades are unlike any other. By design, the edge is sharpened

              through normal use making the HEKE™ edge self sharpening         

WON'T RUST..........................................100% Aerospace grade 5 Titanium blades right down to the cutting edge

STAYS SHARP.......US Patented Self Sharpening Edge based on Nature's design "How Beavers teeth stay sharp"

SLIP RESISTANT HANDLE.......................Rugged, textured and sized to resist slipping; made for extended use

NYLON SHEATH (Included)..........................Heavy duty with edge and blade protection for saltwater environment


"In my opinion, this is the most significant advance in the art and science of cut that I have seen in over 55 years in the knife community."

- Blade Magazine (August 2010 edition) Field Editor and Master Bladesmith, Ed Fowler 

     "The Pro-Fisherman is the best fillet knife I have ever used...It really works. This is the new age for fillet knives."

- Blade Magazine, Spec Sheet (March 2010), Field Editor, MSG Kim Breed

Many of our customers tell us that our fillet knife is the best they have ever used because it fillets with precision and rarely, if ever, needs to be sharpened.  As a fisherman, no one wants to add sharpening a knife between fillets to the list of things to do following a day of fishing. They also tell us that because it is always sharp and because it never rusts, they use it for many other applications. It works great as a kitchen knife or chef’s knife and its flexibility makes it ideal for use as a field dressing knife or skinning knife.  Because of its extreme durability and the strength of Titanium as compared to other metals commonly used in other knives, it can be used in the field as a hunting knife, a camping knife, a utility knife, a general-purpose knife, or an all-around companion knife.  At Titan Knife Technologies, LLC, we are very proud of our knives. They are hand made in the USA, with the best materials, and incorporate improvements based on recommendations from our customers that make each knife more efficient at performing the task it was designed to accomplish. Our customers tell us that our fillet knife is not just a fillet knife. Because of its superior edge holding ability we are told it has many other uses. It has a variety of uses in the kitchen carving roasts, turkeys, deboning chicken and general purpose cutting. In the sporting field of hunting as a skinning knife, field dressing knife, quartering and deboning knife used on many game animals. It is used as a utility knife, general purpose knife, camping knife and all around companion knife. We are very proud of our customers ingenuity in the uses for our knives.